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TVfXQ is my Heart, Mind and Soul
☆★慶ちゃん 好き好きです!★☆
LJ needs a Reblog button. 
25th-Jan-2010 12:12 am
Yunyun: Hwaiting!
Beginning next week, from Thursday, January 28th, 4pm, through Saturday, January 30th, 3:59pm, PST, we'll donate 100 percent of the proceeds from all vgift sales to CARE and UNICEF (we'll cover the credit card processing fees). And, remember, for each $10 you receive in vgifts during a two-week period, you'll get two months of paid account time.

--- news

Everyone who can, please try to help. Or donate to your local red cross and help Haiti. There are people who are less fortunate who needs our help.

If you're not convince in helping the needy, please read Anderson Cooper 360: In the Midst of Looting Chaos. It's inspiring to know people are helping one another.

Thank you!
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